BYU Provo – Coordinator of Assessment and Technology

As part of the English Language Center’s (ELC) Coordinators’ Council, the individual in this position works closely with the ELC Program Coordinator, the ELC Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction, and the ELC Operations Manager. The ELC Coordinator of Assessment and Technology helps the ELC fulfill its mission to the benefit of the Linguistics Department and the university community by managing and coordinating all aspects of assessment and technology implementation at the English Language Center (ELC), including training faculty and students how to effectively incorporate technology to assist them in the teaching/learning and assessment of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL); purchasing and maintaining hardware and software for faculty & lab computers, servers, and related media equipment; managing databases and ensuring their compatibility with the University; managing computer programmer(s), videographer(s), web developer(s), support personnel, test developer(s), and test proctors; assisting in the development of language assessment, research, and evaluation tools; and ensuring that all forms of program-wide assessment are administered and interpreted in a valid and reliable fashion.

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