Job Posting – English Skills Learning Center Humanitarian Center Program Coordinator

Position Summary:

Continued implementation of the English Skills Learning Center (ESLC) Humanitarian Center ESL Program, whose participants are low-income adult refugees or immigrants seeking employment to support their families. ESLC’s small group programming focuses on basic literacy, driver’s preparation, civics, and empowering parents to engage in their children’s education. Additional oversight of ESLC’s small group programming with our South Salt Lake partnership.


  • Supervise volunteers facilitating 60-weekly instructional hours through small group classes at Humanitarian Center
  • Support all volunteers through matching with Humanitarian Center small group assignment, frequent communication, regular team-teaching and observations, and ongoing training opportunities
  • Act as a liaison between ESLC and Humanitarian Center collaborative partners, such as LDS Humanitarian Center administration and Granite Peaks on-site instructors
  • Coordinate the weekly schedules of volunteers assigned to the Humanitarian Center as well as any coordination between the ESLC, Granite Peaks, and Humanitarian Center staff
  • Manage weekly substitution needs by finding appropriate replacements and covering classes as needed
  • Continue development of Humanitarian Center small group curricula and choose appropriate supplemental materials
  • Assist ESLC Community and Outreach Director with regular volunteer trainings and quarterly workshops
  • Share responsibility with ESLC staff for providing direct services such as intakes and regular student testing
  • Other duties related to the management of student and volunteer programming needs at a partnership location in South Salt Lake

    Position Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field
  • Above average ability to communicate verbally and in writing with diverse individuals
  • Significant experience working with low to moderate-income community groups
  • Ability to motivate and supervise volunteers
  • Professional competence in cross-cultural situations
  • TESOL or equivalent ESL certification and experience as a professional ESL teacher Preference will be given to applicants with experience coordinating programs and/or volunteers in a non-profit setting.

    Other requirements:

    Valid driver’s license and ability to travel throughout Salt Lake County necessary to perform job functions. Background check will be performed on chosen candidate.


    Forty hours per week as necessary, with flexibility to work some evenings and Saturdays as required. Paid holiday and vacation; health benefits available. Salary to be determined based upon qualifications. Send resume and cover letter to English Skills Learning Center via email at